What dessert and overwhelm have in common

I definitely have a sweet tooth.

Imagine your standing at a dessert bar trying to pick which one you want.  If your like me you just take one of each.

Now imagine instead of desserts at the bar it is emotions. You get to pick any emotion you want to feel.

What would you pick?

I love to “indulge” in desserts.

I use the word “indulge” because when I eat sweets, there is no nutritional value in it for me.

It is pure indulgence.

Did you know there are emotions that we choose to feel that are indulgences as well?

We stand at the dessert bar and pick indulgent emotions.

These indulgent emotions don’t do anything for us.

There is no upside to allowing them.

I say allow because we think they just happen to us.

I promise they don’t.

We allow them and create them by our thoughts.

The most common indulgent emotions are confusion, overwhelm and worry.

Which one of those emotions is your “go to” indulgence?

Are you worried about anything as you wedding plan?

Are your overwhelmed by the long list of things you need to do before the big day?

Or maybe your just plain confused about where to have your wedding.

These are all optional!

We allow them because it keeps us in our security blanket, or it keeps us from making a decision that we don’t want to make.

If you didn’t feel any of these emotions what would you be able to check off your list?

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