Does my happiness have to depend on HIS happiness?

My husband, my children…I want them to be happy.

But does their happiness effect my ability to be happy?

Do I base my ability to feel good about myself on their actions?  If they’re a success, I’m a success?

If they fail, then I fail?

That is a lot of pressure to put on them.

Do we, as spouses or parents, really want to hand over our emotional stability to someone else?

Yesterday my daughter was invited to join a friend and her parents on their spring break  vacation.

As she tried to decide what she wanted to do, she texted me and asked if I would be sad if she went.

This was my honest answer, “Yes I will be sad.  But not because you chose to go with them.  Only because of the thoughts I will have.  I will miss you.  You can’t make me sad.  Only I can make me sad.  Go and have fun with them.”

I could have chosen to be really upset about this decision.

I could have decided that she didn’t want to spend her spring break with me.

I could have pouted and tried to get her to change her mind.

Instead, I choose to be in charge of my own feelings.  I decided what I wanted to think and feel.

I wanted to be happy for her and this opportunity.  She has never been where they are going.  She will have such a wonderful time.

No pressure on her and only love on my part.

That feels so much better!

What kind of pressure are you putting on your spouse or your children?  Schedule a mini session with me and lets figure it out!  Click the link below to set up a time!  In just 20 minutes, over the phone, you will be able to make a big change!

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