Choosing to DRIVE me crazy

I recently went on a short road trip with my husband.

I had a bunch of things I was excited to get done while he was driving.

We got ready to go and he announced that I would be driving the first bit because he had things to do.  Okay.  I have a lot to do as well, but I can drive.  

When we were more then half way to our destination, I asked if he was ready to switch.  “Not yet, but if you need me to I can.”

My mind was running through the list of things I wanted to complete before we arrived.  I could feel annoyance creeping in.

I needed to make a choice.  Because I did have a choice:

I could keep driving and allow my thoughts about the situation to make me feel grumpy and annoyed.

I could pull over and let him drive even though he wasn’t ready but said he would.

I could keep driving because he wanted me to and be irritated.

I could keep driving because I know he is busy and this would be helpful…but only because I was doing it out of love and not out of duty.

I did have choices.  I didn’t have to do anything I didn’t want to do.  We always have a choice.

Always!   Even when we think we don’t.  Realizing that we do is so empowering.

I chose to continue driving.  I chose to drive because I love him and doing something nice would help me think thoughts that would help me feel loving towards him and me.

That always feels better.

Heather Rackham Coaching-12

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