How to feel anxious

It seems appropriate that i woke up today feeling anxious (after posting about how to process anxious yesterday 😜). So here’s the play by play of how I dealt with it. 

1. I was sitting at my daughters basketball game and I pulled out a piece of paper from my purse.  I dumped all my thoughts on the page.

2. Then I asked myself what anxious feels like in my body and where I feel it.  I feel anxious in my abdomen.  It feels similar to hunger for me.  But I’ve learned the difference.

3. Is anxious soft or hard?  Anxious is hard in my mind.

4. What color is anxious?  Purple

See what I did…I tried to really feel anxious.  I didn’t resist, react or avoid.  I’d be lying if I didn’t say my initial response was to resist.  But then I remembered…lean into it.

By the end of my daughters game, anxious was gone.  It will come back.  But thats ok.  I know what to do when anxious comes to visit.

PS:  they won 😜🏀. Want more help?  Did you know I do two free mini sessions a week?  First come first serve.  Click link to schedule.

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