How to feel anxious about your wedding

Negative Emotions PART 4:

A wedding can feel so stressful.  There is so much to do.

Feeling anxious is just part of the wedding game plan.

Some people will feel anxious about getting married.  And thats ok.

It doesn’t meant that anything has gone wrong.  

What to do with them?

It is most natural to react, resist or avoid these negative feelings.

But guess what…that does not help us at all!

The best way to process our emotions is to really FEEL them.  We think we are feeling them when we react (yell, cry, scream) but that is acting on them not feeling them and processing them.

In order to truly feel an emotion you can ask yourself a few questions.

For example if you were feeling anxious…ask yourself where you physically feel anxious.

Do you feel it in your chest, arms?  Explore that.

Then ask yourself if it is soft or hard.

Is it fast or slow, what color is anxious?

It may seem strange but this is how you learn to identify what anxious is.  This is how you truly feel it.

Just allow it.  Your brain just wants to be heard!

As you sit and describe this feeling to yourself, you will also notice it start to subside.

Don’t worry…it’s a trusty old friend and it will come back 😉.

Just FEEL anxious again.  You can replace anxious with any negative emotion.

Don’t run away from these feelings.

Lean into them!

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