The surprising person you should talk to about your wedding

Negative Emotions PART 3:

Now you know why your overeating and binge watching Netflix (buggering/avoiding)

You know why your yelling, crying or acting irritable (reacting)

And if you don’t, that means you missed the last two pasts so go back and this and this

The third thing we do negative emotions is RESIST them. 

We try and ignore them and push them away.

We think this is healthy.

We think if we do this we won’t really feel it.

The problem is that the emotion just comes back and pushes against you with a vengeance.

Kind of like holding a ball under water…it is eventually going to explode from your hands.

Let go of the ball.  Stop resisting.  Just feel the emotion.

Example:  when I was engaged it is no secret that I was super anxious.

I hated that feeling so I would try and push it away ask act like I wasn’t.

Well, because I never dealt with the anxious, then I was feeling guilt that I felt anxious about marrying such an amazing person.  That guilt then lead to frustration because know one likes to feel guilty.

Because I resisted anxious, now I was dealing with a bunch of other negative emotions as well.

My brain just wanted to be heard.

It’s true!

The person we need to talk to about our wedding and any fears we may have is not actually a person it all…its our brain!

Our brains just want to protect us.

My brain wanted me to acknowledge that I it was heard.  It wanted me to acknowledge the anxious feeling.  But I just resisted!

How do we let our brain know that it is heard?

Tomorrow’s the day to find out.  And it isn’t what you think its going to be

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