The reason why you cry and act irritated

Negative Emotions PART 2:

What has been the most stressful part of your wedding plans far?

For me the most stressful things was just choosing to stay engaged.  Crazy but true.

I was so nervous!

I allowed those nerves to slide into doubt and confusion.  I did a lot of avoiding or buffering in the form of eating.  Darn those peanut butter M&M’s.

The other thing I did was cry and act irritable.

This was 22 years ago and I still remember!

As humans we don’t typically like the way a negative emotion feels.

Consequently, a lot of our behavior is in attempt to feel better.

Yesterday I wrote about the behaviors we chose when we try to avoid or buffer a feeling. Some of the things your said you do is eat, clean, sleep, and exercise so you don’t have to FEEL an emotion.

One of the other things we do with negative emotions is REACT.

This looks like you yelling, screaming, and/or crying.

When you react you are acting on your emotions.

It seems to release something.  But really your not processing or feeling it at all.

Your acting…not feeling.

I totally reacted to my emotions during my engagement.  I cried.  I acted irritated.

I still find myself reacting to my emotions today but it doesn’t last nearly as long.

I don’t cry, yell, overeat, or act irritable nearly as much as I once did.

I am happier and enjoy all the little moments so much more.

Why?  Because I know what to do with those negative emotions.

So can you.

Come back tomorrow to learn more.

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