Be his number one!

Blog series:  10 question you must ask your fiancé before you get married

Question #9:  What are your top priorities in life?

You are starting a new and exciting adventure together.  As you come together to create this sweet little new family unit, you will both bring different goals and dreams with you.

Though you will have common goals, don’t lose site of your personal goals.

What are his priorities and what are your priorities?

Life is going to happen.  As time goes on you will have work, school, children, hobbies…many thing that will take you away from each other.

It becomes easy to feel like you are no longer HIS priority.

You might start to feel hurt, dejected or even threatened.

You think it is because he has only spent about 15 minutes with you that your feeling those emotions.

But guess what, it’s because your making it mean that he isn’t your priority.

Our brains are so funny.  They are always looking for danger.  It’s just trying to protect you.

If you keep thinking that your not his priority, your brain will look for every reason to prove that thought true.

He spends extra time at work…must be because your not his priority.

He goes to lunch with a friend…yep, definitely not his priority.

See, your brain will make everything mean that.

And when you believe this, your behaviors follow suit.  You will withdraw, say accusatory things and you are the one causing the distance.

What if you just decided that HE IS YOUR PRIORITY!

No matter how much time you get to spend with him in a week, he is your number one!

Focusing on that thought will cause your brain to refocus on all the ways you can be understanding and loving towards him…instead of frustrated with him.

Your brain will try to prove that thought true…then the time you do get to spend together won’t be spent with you feeling angst towards him…only love.

Love is so much more fun!

be HIS

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