Why you fear the scale and how it effects your relationship

Question #7—If I were to gain weight, would it effect our intimate relationship

Once again, the most powerful way to use this question is to ask it of yourself.

If you were to gain weight, how would it effect your sexual relationship?

Most women are terrified of the scale.  They don’t want to know what they weigh.

First off, I want you to know that it isn’t the number on the scale that you are terrified of.

You are terrified of your thoughts!!!

Your afraid of what your brain makes that number on the scale mean about you.  Example:  “I am fat” or “He won’t want to see me naked” (which really translates into, “I don’t want to see me naked).

The number on the scale can’t cause you pain.

If you think, “I am fat” you will most likely feel insecure.

When someone feels insecure, they hide.

It is hard to be vulnerable and intimate with someone when you want to hide.

The number on the scale is just that….a number!

You are so good at thinking that a certain number all of a sudden means your fat.

If you could choose to think something different, it would serve you so much better.

Why not think, “I love my body” or if you don’t believe that statement, how about, “I’m learning to love my body.”

That is much kinder.

With that thought comes the feeling of acceptance or maybe even security or confidence.

A confident person does not hide.

A person who is accepting of their body will be more anxious to share themselves physically with someone else.

That will translate to a more satisfying intimate relationship for you and your spouse!

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