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Blog Series:  10 questions you must ask your fiancé before you get married

Question #6:  What are our long term goals as a couple?

Goals are so important.  They help us dream and give us something to work towards.  How fun is it to have a common goal to be working towards and dream about…together!

These goals and dreams don’t have to remain dreams…they are very achievable.  It just takes something different then you think.  It takes EMOTION!

Don’t just discuss what the goal is, most importantly, discuss how you will feel (a feeling is a one word emotion) once you have accomplished it.

Example:  If one of your goals is to buy a home.  Look down the road and imagine yourself having bought that home.  Be detailed and specific.

This is very important:  How will you feel once you have bought your home?

Maybe you think you will feel satisfied, accomplished, self-reliant, protected, comfortable, adultish (ok thats a made-up feeling but I think its real:)

Listen up…it isn’t the buying of the home or achieving whatever goal it is your working towards that you want.

What you really want is the feeling you are going to have once you have achieved it.

I’m going to say that one more time…

It isn’t the achieved goal you are after, what you really want is the feeling that comes with it!

The best way to achieve that goal is to take the feeling that you will have once you have achieved it and tap into that feeling now.

If you will feel accomplished…create that accomplished feeling now.

All of our feelings are created by our thoughts.

The key is to try out thoughts in you head that create that accomplished feeling.

Use that feeling to create your dreams.

As I learned from Brooke Castillo, “emotions are the ingredients for our results.”

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