How to find the perfect wedding dress

Your going to view many wedding dresses over the course of your engagement.  You have dreamed of wearing this dress since you were a little girl.  What is it going to look like?  It definitely has to be perfect!

Are you the girl that already knows what that perfect dress is going to look like? You won’t stop until you find it? You’re on a mission kind of girl?

Or are you the one hoping you will just know it when you find it? Fingers crossed?

Or are you the one who has few dresses that you like and your just stuck? “I just can’t decide!”

You don’t want to make that decision!

What if you choose the wrong one?

You want to look amazing!

You want HIM to love it!

The photos of you in that dress will hang on walls FOREVER!

Is it too much money?

It feels safer to just stay confused.

It feels safer not to make that decision; because if you never make the decision, you never have to own it either.

When your having the final fitting, and you think you don’t like how you look in it, it will be easier to be able to say…”I new I should have decided on the other one”. You don’t really have to own your decision because you never really made one.

What if you just told yourself you know exactly the right dress for you?

What if you didn’t allow yourself to say, “I just don’t know” or “I just can’t decide”.

You can do that you know.  You can take those words out of your vocabulary.

Make the decision and OWN IT!  Don’t look back.

Don’t allow yourself to say, “I should have chosen that other one.”

This way, whatever dress you choose will be THE PERFECT DRESS!

You’ve got this!

How to find the perfect wedding dress

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