Money: Why you will never have enough

Day three of my series:  Ten Must ask questions before you get married

Question #3: What are you views about money?

Though it is important to know what his views are, once again, it is more important to know your views about money.  So what are your views about money?

This is a pretty loaded question and one we could spend way more time on.  But for today we will stick with one thing:

Do you think you have enough money?

Why or Why not?

Most of us come from a scarcity mindset around money.  Meaning, we don’t think we have enough.  No matter how much money is in you bank account, it will never be enough.

We are always wanting more.  Hello…there is always another pair of shoes that we are dying to have, right?

People with a scarcity mindset around money believe that money is hard to get and even harder to keep.  They are worried about not having enough to to do and have the things they want.


One of the things I teach about money is that you have plenty.  You have exactly what you need.

Your going to want to argue with me here and say that there is no way you have plenty…but I promise you do.

How do I know?  Because that is what you have.

You have exactly what you need for what you are supposed to learn at this time in your life.

Say your pay check was for $400 this month (insert whatever the actual number is)…instead of saying, “Shees, that is such a small amount” or “I wish it was more” try on this phrase:

“I wanted $400 dollars and that was exactly what I got.”  See, your wanting what you already have.

What else do you want that you already have?

You want a pair of shoes and wow, I already have some really cute shoes!

I promise, when you want the things that you already have, you will always have plenty of money.  That is an abundance mindset.

See the difference between scarcity and abundance mindset?

One is not having enough and the other is having exactly what you need and more.

When you come from an abundance mindset, you will be much more likely to attain all the things you dream about.

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