The single most important thing you’ll do today for your future marriage

I am starting a 10 day series here on the blog.  You can browse Pinterest and find all sorts of pre-marriage tips, wedding pointers and lists like “10 questions you must ask your fiancé before your wedding day.”

So much fun to get to know each other better.  But if you guy is anything like mine, he would have died laughing if I had asked him any of those questions.

Are they really necessary questions to ask?  What will you do with the answers?  What if you don’t like the answers?  Are they a deal breaker?

So here’s a little tip.  Contrary to popular belief, it is much more powerful to ask yourself these questions.  Not your Fiancé or spouse.  That just made it easier, huh.

First question:  “Why have you chosen me for your future spouse?”

This is one of those questions I see floating around.

I assume, that since you said YES it is because you love each other.  On the surface this seems like a pretty silly questions and one that you probably already think you know the answer to.

It is good to know why someone has chosen to marry you.  You obviously want to spend your life with someone who loves you and is attracted to you.  But honestly, I think you could learn to love and be attracted to anyone.  It is all just thoughts in your head.

Yes, there are some people who make it easier for you to love and to be attracted to and I would suggest finding that person who makes it easy

So, the real question you really ought to dig into here is “why have you chosen THEM to be your future spouse?

You realize you have a choice?  You don’t have to get married.

If your married, you don’t have to stay married. You get to make the choice every day whether to stay in this marriage.

Really ask yourself…why have a chosen to marry him.  You have probably pondered this questions some, but really think about it.

Get a piece of paper and make a list.  I’m serious.   Do this.

Whether you are engaged or married…this is a powerful tool.  Make the list.

You need to know right now why!  It will be the most productive and powerful thing you could do all day for your marriage.

Be thorough.  Include everything. Physical traits, spiritual traits, emotional traits, financial status, his ambitions…everything.

Make the list and keep it.  Tuck it away somewhere, take a photo of it.  Keep it safe.

Why?  When your brain starts to freak out or even tells you that you have forgotten why you married him…this is where you will turn. This list is your reminder.

This is why you chose him.  This is why you choose him…each and every day!

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