The sentences in your mind

When’s the last time you sat down and journaled?

And I don’t mean a travel log of your day…I mean a thought download.

Next time your feeling a negative emotion, take 5 minutes and download all your thoughts on paper.

Just get it out.

Don’t filter your feelings.

Say all the horrible things you can’t say out loud.

Even if that was all you did and didn’t look any deeper into your negative feelings…just dumping it all on paper is POWERFUL STUFF!

Try it.

When your ready, take it one step further.

Look at your story and find all the facts.

A fact is something that everyone in the world would agree on.

You will be surprised at how small the list of facts is.

All the rest is story.

All the rest is just sentences in your mind.

What are you choosing to think about the facts in your life?

Do you like what you think?

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