Sometimes I’m so forgetful

Heather Rackham is a neutral circumstance.

I am flesh and bones and spirit.

I mean nothing until I have a thought about Heather Rackham.

I do know that because I am human, I am amazing.

I am of great worth.

Just like you.

Sometimes I am good at thinking encouraging thoughts about myself.

Sometimes, not so good.

I did it again this week…forgetful me.

I noticed some pretty negative self talk creeping in to my head.

Somehow my brains think that is helpful.

Somehow I think that putting myself down will motivate me to get better at whatever it is I think I are struggling with.

I talk to myself in a way that I would never talk to anyone else!

Can you imagine what your friends would do if you talked to them in the manner you speak to yourself.

Actually, you probably wouldn’t have any friends.

Why do we act like the mean girl to the one person we should love and care for the most?

I had to remind myself today that the only way for me to get better at something is to love myself and be curious about the things I do instead of unkind to myself.

I remember now…I love me!

How we feel about ourselves is a choice.

PS…while I’m thoroughly enjoying the cozy winter months, I do dream of warm weather adventures with this guy!

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