Two weeks ahead in your journal


I was at the funeral today of a dear friend.

She was 87 years old.

She taught me so much about love and laughter and having a good sense of humor.

In a talk given by her brother at the funeral, he commented that she was a devout journal keeper.  She had kept one religiously for over 50 years.

He said he was talking to her once about her journal and she said, “I’m two weeks ahead in my journal.”  He laughed and said he wasn’t really sure how that was possible.

Knowing Margean, she was probably joking, but I bet there was a thread of truth hidden in that joke.

Living our life from the future is how we become what we want to become.

Journal from the future.

Be specific.

Then make it happen.

Margean was amazing.  Life wasn’t easy for her.  She had many health challenges throughout her life…but she was always happy.

Apparently she knew one of the secrets of a successful and happy life…she lived her life according to what she had already created…two weeks in advance.

I love you Margean.  Thanks for being such a wonderful part of my life.


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