Heather Rackham

The Second Marriage Coach

The women I work with leave fear behind as they step into marriage for the second time.

For many women, marriage doesn’t end up being all they hoped it would be and when their marriage comes to an end, fear and anxiety about ever allowing themselves to have their heart broken again can hold them back from finding happiness and joy in the future.

But you are strong. You may not believe you can rid yourself of all the fear and anxiety and take the leap into another marriage, but I know you can.

I teach all the tools you need to leave fear and anxiety behind you and start living and loving.

Fear Is Not A Sign¬†That You’re Making a Mistake


Self-Confidence Part 3

Bend in the road number 362 and only only 258 more to go in our rental care before we reach the trail to the bamboo forest and Waimoku falls. With bodies practically overdosed on dramamine and [...]

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